Hi! My name is Chong Zhen Zhong aka Melvin, a boy worked in hospitality industry in the beginning of my career. I moved from operation to back-of-the-house, as learning & development personnel which is in Human Resources area.


Why I create a blog?

Hmmm…I have a quote that I always carry with me: SHARING IS CARING and this is the reason I created a blog for myself. I would like to share with my knowledge, discovery and experience that related to current happening.

Besides, I would like to take this opportunity to understand the life as a blogger. For your information, I was a full time learner as I like to learn new things such as blogging. I hope this blog provides me unpredicted prospect progress to next level.


Little Info About Myself

I was born in Petaling Jaya and living in the city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. I am the eldest child in my family. My hobbies are listening to music whatever i like, i like to surf the internet for information in any aspects when I am free, and also trying to develop a reading habit.